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My name is John, a grace believer, a Christian, a sinner saved by the GRACE OF GOD. I am not a part of any physical church on this earth, but I am a member of the one true spiritual church which is in heaven and called the BODY OF CHRIST (Ephesians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:18,24). My goal through this site is to help others like you to also become a part of this spiritual church, the BODY OF CHRIST and receive the FREE GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE through CHRIST JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR.

As  believers part of the BODY OF CHRIST, we take a strong stand for the foundational doctrines of biblical christianity and boldly proclaim JESUS CHRIST according to the revelation of the mystery (Romans 16:25), and teach the entire Bible through the dispensational perspective of rightly dividing the word of truth (II Timothy 2:15).

I will be using the Authorized KJV of the Bible for all of the scriptures quoted in my articles unless otherwise noted.

I want you to realize that the whole Bible is about JEWS and GENTILES, we are all one or the other as far as GOD is concerned. In the Bible from the book of Genesis through the book of Acts is recorded the history of Israel and the things written in these books are only for our learning, not for our doctrine or our obedience. From the book of Romans through the book of Philemon, the things written in these books ARE FOR OUR DOCTRINE AND OBEDIENCE because they are written to the GENTILES and any Jews who will believe in the GRACE MESSAGE. These books are written for us today and are about the GRACE OF GOD receiving salvation or eternal life through BELIEF OR FAITH IN CHRIST ALONE WITH NO WORKS OF ANY KIND. The rest of the books in the Bible from Hebrews through Revelation record future events, and again the nation of ISRAEL is once again in view.

All these things are very important to know so when we discuss the FREE GIFT of eternal life we hope you will know that we are giving you the correct and proper doctrine of SALVATION for all people living today in this AGE OF GRACE. When we RIGHTLY DIVIDE the word of God we will see many differences in the Bible and we need to understand why they are there. Some of these differences are:

1. A difference between Bible Judaism and Bible Christianity.

2. A difference between the nation of Israel and the Body of Christ.

3. A difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of the Grace of God.

4. A difference between God’s program according to Old Testament prophecy and God’s program according to the Mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles.

5. A difference between the Law of Moses and the Grace of God.

6. A difference between water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism, for there is to be only one baptism for this Dispensation of Grace.

7. A difference between the ministries of Peter and Paul.

8. A difference between Christ’s coming for Israel and Christ’s coming for his Church, the Body of Christ.

9. A difference between the blessings for Israel and the blessings for the Body of Christ.

10. .A difference between the future of Israel and the future of the Body of Christ.

11. A difference between Christ’s ministry on earth and Christ’s ministry from Heaven.

12. A difference between the commands of the Law of Moses and the commands of the Grace of God.

These differences represent the main area of the Bible in which believers are deficient .This is where confusion abounds in trying to understand the Scriptures. Believers need to come to grips with these issues which are so vital to Christian living.

Now to help you understand some of the differences between the Jews and Gentiles, and some of the different programs God instituted down through the ages of time, I am going to present to you a letter written by Dr. James H. Wood to the Journal of Pauline Dispensationalism, which is a publication by Robert C. Brock.

Please begin reading the letter here…

Read the entire article here…

Both of these men are Grace Believers and are well  grounded in the study of the Scriptures Rightly Divided.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. John Gregory

    Brother John! Good to find your website!
    I also am a Dispensationalist. Have been since 1970. I am looking forward to exploring you website!
    God bless, John Gregory

  2. DJ

    Bro John, I thank God I ran across your website. I am a Bible believing dispensationalist who believe to truly understand the text we must put the text in the correct context by rightly dividing God’s word. I am also looking forward to studying from your content.

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