Rightly dividing the Word of truth. 1

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Rightly dividing the Word of truth

This will be part 1 in a series of 53 articles about RIGHTLY DIVIDING GOD’S WORD OF TRUTH. All scripture quoted will be from the King James Bible.

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II Timothy 2:15 says: 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

When I was teaching God’s Word at some of our local nursing homes here in Tiffin, I could not find one person who could give me the correct Biblical answer to the following question: When you die, do you believe you will go to heaven, and if so, why do you believe you will go there?

These people were affiliated with different denominational backgrounds, some were Catholic, some were Protestant, some were Lutheran, and some were Methodist. Not one knew the answer to my question! That told me something very important; our churches are not doing their job! To me that is a real shame. Most of the people I talk to are what I call “hope so believers.” They hope they will go to heaven when they die, but are not sure if they will. Our Bible tells us there are only two places you can go when you die. Do I really need to tell you what those two places are? Heaven or Hell! You need to know NOW before you die the one and only way you will ever be accepted into God’s heaven. When you die, your eternal destiny has already been set according to your personal beliefs about Christ.

This then will be the purpose for these articles; you need to know how to RIGHT DIVIDE THE WORD OF TRUTH, if you want to be with God in heaven. Listed below are 12 differences you need to understand about the Bible which are not being taught in our churches today:

1. A difference between Bible Judaism and Bible Christianity.
2. A difference between the nation of Israel and the Body of Christ.
3. A difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of the Grace of God.
4. A difference between God’s program according to Old Testament prophecy and God’s program according to the Mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles.
5. A difference between the Law of Moses and the Grace of God.
6. A difference between water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism, for there is to be only one baptism for this Dispensation of Grace.
7. A difference between the ministries of Peter and Paul.
8. A difference between Christ’s coming for Israel and Christ’s coming for his Church, the Body of Christ.
9. A difference between the blessings for Israel and the blessings for the Body of Christ.
10. A difference between the future of Israel and the future of the Body
of Christ.
11. A difference between Christ’s ministry on earth and Christ’s ministry from Heaven.
12. A difference between the commands of the law of Moses and the commands of the Grace of God.

These differences represent the main area of the Bible in which believers are deficient. This is where confusion abounds in trying to understand the Scriptures. Believers need to come to grips with these issues which are so vital to Christian living and salvation.

                                                                   To be continued

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