The Beginner’s Introduction to the Bible (Part 8)

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It is NOT a question of how good you can be or are, what church you attend,how often you go, or any thing else like this. You and I will never be good enough nor could we ever do enough,even if we had a million lifetimes to try.

God tells us in His Word that we have all come short of the Glory of God,(and we keep coming short–Rom. 3:23),and He told the Jews that all their goodness was like “filthy rags” (Isaiah64:6). How many layers of filthy rags do we think we could pile on ourselves to make God love us more or see us as good? If we are to be saved we need the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and to get that we must simply believe the gospel given us for today! No raising our hands, no coming forward, no joining a local church, no getting dunked,sprinkled, poured on, no doing anything of any kind. Simply believe anywhere you are, with your eyes wide open! Yes it is that simple! God made it that simple so we would have no excuse.

The only thing standing in our way is the pride nature. We as people believe that if we broke it, we can fix it, but the reality is we can’t fix it. God alone is the only one who can fix it, and He did fix it forever at the cross. Once you are saved you can never lose it either,since Christ is the One Who is keeping you saved and not you. Oh yes, you will continue to sin as long as you are in this earthly body, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, but know that God has already forgiven you and given you all spiritual blessings in heavenly places(Eph. 1:3) the instant you believe and the Holy Spirit takes.up residence in you at that instant also, and He will never leave and will be continually praying for you (twenty four seven) with groanings that cannot be uttered (Rom. 8:26) until you die physically, and His prayer will always be in God’s will for your life! Might we consider thanking God in our prayer life more and try less, to twist His arm to try and make Him do something against His will for our life? He really does have it all under control!

Remember Jesus Christ died to give you the gift of salvation, NOT probation. He took care of it all at the cross, once and for all!

Hopefully this little Bible study has given you great insight into the truth of God’s Word. As I said in the beginning,read the Bible for yourself, check out carefully what I have said. I know that if you seriously study His Word you will come to the truth of the conclusions above. It has taken me almost a lifetime to get to this point. Hopefully the information in this study will help cut your own study time down considerably and you will find the truth quickly and know the assurance of your salvation. If you sincerely believe Paul’s Gospel I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will see you someday in eternity! You can know, that you know, that you know you are saved without a doubt. May God richly bless you!!

I hope the above article by Dr. James Wood has helped you to understand the Bible better; but I have another article about Ambassadors Of Reconciliation that I would like to share with you before we talk about Salvation, and the Free Gift Of Eternal Life .Please be patient because these things are very important to know as they have a lot to do with understanding who we are as Christians, and what God expects of us.

Here then is the article about Ambassadors Of Reconciliation by Pastor J. C. O’Hair who is now deceased;,but He was considered by many to be the father of the modern grace movement.

Read the entire article here…

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